22 Jun 2008 01:55 pm - Sonic with pants

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Author Comments:

Jesus lizard, 22 Jun 2008 01:56 pm ( Reply )

An artist on Newgrounds requested some Sonic edits with baggy jeans (probably for a mid70's flash back)
Do you guys think they look ok?

Advertisement, 23 Oct 2016 08:48 pm ( Reply )

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User Comments:

hyper-shadic, 22 Jun 2008 02:05 pm ( Reply )

Probaly better if they covered some of the shoe as well

Jesus lizard, 22 Jun 2008 02:14 pm ( Reply )

good point... I'll edit those now... better?

Boastfully insane, 22 Jun 2008 02:52 pm ( Reply )

good, but not something to be proud of with only 2 poses

Jesus lizard, 22 Jun 2008 03:11 pm ( Reply )

Oh theirs more than 2 poses I just didn't want to post it with only 2... and I'm not done with the sheet.

Haro, 22 Jun 2008 03:21 pm ( Reply )

K, so laik. I'm not an author so i has 2 post it heer.


Jesus lizard, 22 Jun 2008 03:54 pm ( Reply )

Haro I have an extreamely strong haterid tword that meme and I had to restrain myself from not dealeteing it.

LimesWorper, 23 Jun 2008 05:22 pm ( Reply )

uh...Is it me or is that some pretty bad shading? I can't work out what it is but it just looks wrong to me. They sure are short for baggy jeans and they seems to go up the waist a bit much...
Anyway I'd say work on making the jeans look more natural before making the sheet.

And to Haro, I can't even read that thing the text is so small. But is that the meme that stole from another one? We don't like that meme here.

Jesus lizard, 23 Jun 2008 08:17 pm ( Reply )

Well the shadeing on the sprite isn't to good either to tell the truth.
GOWD how baggy does it have to be to get you people off my back?!
yeah I only started the sheet so starting over is still a good option and is probably the one I'll take.

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