January 16th, 2008, 9:16 am - Valence MEME, 'cause it's cool

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ragnarocker, January 16th, 2008, 10:25 am ( Reply )

even I had a try at this with my KH sprite =)

Afroman17, January 16th, 2008, 12:30 pm ( Reply )

well I do like venom but the regular character seems kinda bland

Zmanwarrior, January 16th, 2008, 12:52 pm ( Reply )

Looks wise, or character wise? I like to improve my content, so please do tell.

Elda142, January 16th, 2008, 3:18 pm ( Reply )

Bleh, you conformists. Break free from the man!


I like the symbiote suit.

Afroman17, January 16th, 2008, 4:40 pm ( Reply )

your regular knuckles head on a regular shadow body lacks a lot of creativity

ReiKainaric, January 16th, 2008, 7:48 pm ( Reply )

but his zero game sprite is good.. why doesn't he just use that?

Zmanwarrior, January 17th, 2008, 11:18 am ( Reply )

Yeah, this was one of the first sprites I made. I thought it looked too plain. I'll do some more editing and see how it comes out. Also, I sprite for fun, so I don't want to just stop at MMZ sprites. Oh... and... the man is always keepin' me down. >:(

Zmanwarrior, January 29th, 2008, 10:09 pm ( Reply )

Don't worry I demoloshed these ones.

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